September 27, 2017 / by harrison

Treat Attention Like Currency

Grabbing the attention of prospective customers is getting harder all the time. Businesses often get frustrated after spending countless dollars on advertising tactics and marketing strategies that deliver dismal results. But how often is the time taken to really learn about the audience they’re trying to reach?  Today we are going to talk about how understanding attention is a key to success when moving forward with your marketing and advertising efforts.

“Attention is currency, and it needs to be treated with the same respect as revenue.” 


The ability to recall information consumed is due to the amount of time devoted to something, and how much of our conscious mind is devoted to the subject matter being ingested. The more attention we give to incoming data, the longer and deeper we retain that information.

Attention Defined

Attention is the allocation of mental resources, visual or cognitive, to visible or conceptual objects. We also have two dimensions of attention that need to be evaluated, intensity and duration. Intensity is the quality of attention during a specified time, duration is the quantity.

The reality is it’s getting more difficult to earn someone’s attention. Our senses are getting bombarded with more stimuli than at any other time in human history, making it a challenge for our brains to maintain a high level of attention for any length of time. Think about how often your mind wanders. I’ve often found myself reading a blog post while watching ESPN, waiting on the oven timer, and receiving an incoming text, only to realize 10 minutes later that I didn’t comprehend or retain anything that I just read. My brain was over-stimulated, and attention was spread too thin.

The fact is we do not have the time, or attention span, to read anymore. Instead, consumers are watching more videos than ever.  Facebook has made a big impact with Facebook Live, Snapchat continues to push the envelope with creative filters, stories, and augmented reality features, and Linkedin has recently started to allow users to share video in their feeds as well.

So how do we grab attention in a video spot? Let me offer up one quick tip that can up your viewership by 20%.

Bigger is not Always Better

One would think a prominent logo placement is a great attention grabber for a video ad, but scientific research with infrared eye-tracking technology has shown that a viewer will pull back from brands with too prominent branding. It is important to note that researchers observed that viewers consistently stop watching video ads at the moment in which brand logos appear on the screen. Also bigger logos, and logos in the center of the screen, all lead to reduced viewing. When people watch videos, their eyes are drawn toward logos. This leads to an interruption in the flow of the video and distract the user from focusing on the content.

Brand Pulsing

The solution to this is problem is something called brand pulsing. This is simply showing the logo often, and for shorter periods of time. The logo can be weaved throughout the video to create a balance between persuading the viewer without alerting them, and guiding their attention without a focus on one, central asset. According to the Harvard Business Review, brand pulsing can increase viewership by as much as 20%, and that is the kind of easy to achieve advantage we are looking for!

Thank you for your time, and attention, to this article. I hope you found it of value. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to reach out. I’m always here to help.


Harrison Painter
Amplify Connects