September 20, 2017 / by harrison

3 Tips to Build Trust and Drive Revenue

Today we share 3 tips that will help you build trust and drive more revenue. If you would like to turn more prospects into paying customers, check out the 3 simple tips below, and take note that two of these are marketing tips that can be started right away.

Improve Your Website User Experience

The importance of a smooth and easy user experience on your website can not be stressed enough. If you take payments online, please make sure it is a very simple process to take a customer’s money! It’s astonishing how many websites in 2017 create multiple barriers when it comes to ordering a product and accepting payments.

Your websites might need a complete redesign, but you also might be able to drive a lot more revenue with just a few tweaks. The important thing to do right now is figure out where you are, and what your customers are experiencing online. One of the first things we do when on-boarding a new client is perform a website audit. Part of this audit involves the utilization of remote user testing. This allows us to identify user challenges, and then uncover the opportunities for improvement quickly.

Ask for Reviews

This is something that we do not see enough of in small to mid-size businesses. If you have a product or service you believe in, never fear asking other to share their opinion about it. If you do not, the only people that will quickly offer up an opinion are the rare few you did not make happy. Those folks can be a cancer if you do not have a process in place to keep your pipeline filled with positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Good reviews are gold, but it is also important to understand that a negative review is not always a bad thing. A poor review can actually help you uncover a pitfall in your business and allow you to quickly fix what is broken.

The modern consumer is forgiving of a few bad reviews, and a couple of negative reviews actually builds a little trust with your prospects. Look at it this way, it would be hard to trust a company with 280 five star reviews, and not a single negative comment. Consumers are smarter than that. Don’t pay for reviews. Don’t erase 2-3-4 star reviews. Don’t erase a small complaint. You can usually respond to a bad review. Your response can show your professionalism,  how you are committed to helping the customer, and the steps you are willing to take in order to fix the issue. This will make smart consumers comfortable, and it will allow them trust you.

Video Testimonials

It is very easy to capture professional looking videos with smartphones and tablets now, so please take advantage of the incredible technology at your fingertips. Simply ask one or two customers a week for a quick video testimonial that you will record on your phone. If the customer appears intimidated by video, simply write down their one or two sentence testimonial and take their photo instead. Then post the video, or photo, to your company facebook page and invest a few dollars to promote the ad to people who have liked your page and their friends.

This is huge, like really huge, and smaller companies do not take advantage of this goldmine enough.

Start building trust and driving more revenue quickly by implementing these 3 easy steps listed above. If you have any questions or comments the Amplify team is always here to help.


Harrison Painter
Amplify Connects